Chemical Pressure Injection

While moisture conditioning will pre-swell expansive soil to reduce in-situ heave potential, electrochemical pressure injection will physically change the composition of expansive soil. Once the clay soil is altered, the soil will lose its affinity for water. The hydrating ion’s attraction is reduced when the chemical initiates an ionic exchange between the clay particle’s ions and the chemical’s ions. The exchanged ions greatly reduce the adsorption capacity of the soil, thereby reducing the shrink swell potential.

Earth Sciences’ Condor SS electrochemical has a long history of reliability and consistency. After years of using various electrochemical products, the experts at Jowell Injection Company have chosen to use Condor SS exclusively.

The chemical pressure injection process is as follows: First, the soils are injected with a water and surfactant solution elevating the in-situ moisture content to approximately 40% of the soils liquid limit; the injected water acts as a conduit allowing the electrochemical process to occur. Next, the chemical is injected, via a high pressure chemical pump, into the soil mass. The chemical reaction prevents clay soil from initiating the shrink-swell cycle, maintaining the subgrade in a more consistent state. Also, with additional compaction effort, the electrochemical process allows construction to proceed without the use of select fill or other expensive measures used to bridge moisture conditioned soils.

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When you’re looking for a company to stabilize your expansive soil, Jowell Injection Company’s 35 plus years of experience and reputation will assure a successful project.

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