Soil Stabilization Company in Fort Worth, TX

Soil Stabilization Company in Fort Worth, TXFounded in 1980, Jowell Injection Company, LLC provides moisture conditioning services used to treat highly expansive soils by means of pre-swelling prior to construction. Jowell Injection Company is by far the most dependable injection contractor in the region. For over 35 years, we have provided all forms of pre-swelling techniques used to deal with expansive clay soils, including water pressure injection, chemical pressure injection and mechanical excavation and recompaction. Jowell Injection Company is dedicated to providing the most cost effective means to pre-swell clay soil and for that reason high pressure injection is our preferred stabilization method.

Jowell Injection Company is committed to satisfying our customer’s needs.  Our professionals can help guide customers through the injection process, providing advice on schedules, work flows and methods to decrease the overall construction schedule timeline. We have dealt with exceedingly difficult site conditions and have created innovative solutions to resolve challenging situations. Our pressure injection services are utilized on new construction projects, small or large, where highly expansive soils are a concern.

Dedicated and Experienced for over 35 years.

Water Pressure Injection Multiple Crew

Trust our experienced professionals to determine which stabilization method is best for your project. We’ll provide you with the most cost-efficient soil modification option, giving you ground to build something that stands the test of time. To explore the various options available to pre-swell your highly expansive soils, contact us or simply send us information regarding your project.